Business Flights

Our concept makes flying easy and simple:
Arrive to airport and approximately in 15 minutes You are airborne! We can use also smaller, private and uncontrolled airports, not just major ones. So You can avoid long delays, connecting flights and risks of missing next flight. Also our every flight is unique according to your needs.

– Your schedule is our schedule

– You will avoid pilot strikes and inflexible timetables of the big airlines
– you can also have meetings on board or just enjoy exclusive flight. Every seat is a business seat.
– choose any airport, also the smaller and uncontrolled ones.
– avoid expensive night in hotels

– spend more quality time with your family

Adventure Flights

Finnflite brings back the excitement and adventurous moments to the flight business. You will get an unique flight according to your needs. Would you like to fly low and watch the amazing landscape or maybe have extra sightseeing over the city before landing? We make it happen! We will make it happen!
Do You have additional requests or needs? Ask more from our customer service. Welcome to Finnflite!

Cargo Flights

Our Cessna Caravan turboprop really versatile and partly or completely modifiable for freight use. Smaller loads can be picked up by removing the rear seats of the plane, leaving room for 2-6 people in the front of the plane.
In the case of big cargo, we will remove all the seats on the plane and the whole cabin is in use. Freight transportation of containers and pallets is also possible.
Flexible air cargo is a natural continuation of efficient business processes. The continuity of the production chain and the continuity of services are secured through on-time deliveries directly to the nearest airport. Our cargo flights are more flexible and faster solution than large and complex supply chains.


Cessna Caravan is the best and affordable solution for medi-flights. Cessna Caravan offers cost-efficient ambulance flights in the Nordic countries, Europe and Asia. Our aircraft has ambulance equipment and 2-4 seats for medical personnel.
Low operating costs and the ability to operate from smaller, uncontrolled airports makes an superior solution. Specialized nurses and medical staff are also on board.

Corporate Aircraft

You can easily increase the utilization rate of the aircraft owned by you:

– share the aircraft with others to split costs

– take extra passengers
– benefit from fuel contracts
– provide your transport capacity to partners
– get professional papers to your aircraft SOP (standard operating procedures, checklists, weight- and balance-calculations, performance calculations etc.)
The process works in two easy steps:
1. Your aircraft is attached to our AOC -aircraft list. We train your pilots, organize maintenance and constantly maintain airworthiness. In addition, we keep you up to date!
2. When your aircraft meets commercial operations criteria, we can organize operations for your aircraft. Thanks to our co-operative partners, you have the best airline brokerage network available.
Your plane is in good hands! Owning an airplane has never been so transparent. Thanks to Finnflite!